Wool Dryer Balls

How Many?:

Why We Love Them: Dryer balls improve drying efficiency by naturally fluffing and separating laundry without harsh chemicals or disposable dryer sheets. 

    • Add a few drops of your favorite essential oils to naturally scent your laundry.
    • Helps¬†laundry dry faster.¬†
    • Safe for babies and sensitive skin.
    • Can simply be¬†recharged and reused again and again.¬†

Use/Care: Add 3-6 dryer balls into dryer with laundry and run the cycle as you otherwise would. When dryer balls begin to lose their shape, you can "recharge" them by washing in hot water on a gentle cycle and then drying on high heat to tighten the wool felting. If adding essential oils to the balls to scent laundry, add a couple of drops on a ball and then allow to sit for 20 minutes so oils absorb into wool before adding back to laundry.

Packaging: None

End of Life: Compostable at home or in a facility.

Materials: 100% wool. 

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