New to the idea of a refill shop? Refilling bottles is one of the easiest ways to keep disposable plastics out of landfills and resource intensive recycling systems. Bring your own bottles or purchase some of ours to refill with our 100% natural, vegan, and sustainably sourced bath, home, and body products. Bring your bottle to the front, we'll weigh it and then assist you with filling. 

P.S. Don't be afraid to reuse plastic. We are asked about this a lot and we are all for refilling and reusing plastic as long as it is non-toxic. We recommend plastics 2 and 5 as they are stable for long periods of time and for most products.


Shampoo 79¢ pr oz
Shampoo & Body Wash 79¢ pr oz
Conditioner 79¢ pr oz
Unscented Body Wash 85¢ pr oz
Face Wash $1.95 pr oz
Lotion 99¢ pr oz
Hand Soap 38¢ pr oz
Bug Spray $1.10 pr oz

Body Oil $1.99 pr oz

Baking Soda 20¢ pr oz
Epsom Salt 15¢ pr oz

Oxy Detergent Powder (he friendly) 44¢ pr oz
Laundry Detergent Powder (he friendly) 40¢ pr oz
Dish Detergent Powder 44¢ pr oz

Laundry Detergent Liquid (he friendly) 24¢ pr oz
Stain Remover Spray 60¢ pr oz
Liquid Dish Soap 25¢ pr oz
All Purpose Cleaner Spray 25¢ pr oz



Linen Spray
Dry Shampoo
Shaving Cream/Oil



Sun, 1pm-5pm 
Tues - Saturday 11am-5:30pm