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Fluoride Toothpaste Tablets

Why We Love It: This compostable pack of 125 tooth tablets gently polishes your teeth leaving fewer places for bacteria and tartar to attach. Contains no preservatives – nothing extra to be absorbed in your mouth. One pack is two months worth of a fresh mouth!

  • Leaping Bunny Certified
Packet Size:

Packet Size

Sale price$9.80

Use & Care

Chew one tablet until it is soft and smooth then brush as you would with any conventional toothpaste. Rinse and enjoy that after-the-dentist polished feeling. UNPASTE tablets polish your teeth and that works best with a very soft bristle.


microfine cellulose (microcrystalline cellulose), sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), silica, amisoft (sodium lauryl glutamate), magnesium stearate, natural mint aroma, menthol, xanthan gum, stevia (stevioside), citric acid, eugenol.

Fluoride Ingredients: sodium fluoride, microfine cellulose (microcrystalline cellulose), sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), silica, amisoft (sodium lauryl glutamate), magnesium stearate, natural mint flavor, menthol, xanthan gum, stevia (stevioside), citric acid.

UNPASTE tablets have no animal products and have never been tested on animals.

End of Life

Certified compostable paper pack. Compostable at home in under 6 mo.

zero waste toothpaste tablets
Fluoride Toothpaste Tablets Sale price$9.80

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Easy to use

I love these tabs. I get the perfect amount of toothpaste each time and the taste isn't over powering.

Won't use anything else!

So I've been using these tabs for about a year now and even my dentist said my teeth look fantastic. Another anecdotal story to add to that: I went on a trip recently and forgot my tabs so I had to buy a small tube of traditional toothpaste I used to use to hold me over and I kid you not, my teeth felt disgusting in comparison to how they feel after I use these unpaste tabs. My teeth were so grateful to go back to the tabs when I got home. They do taste like baking soda but I don't mind and neither does my husband. We actually like the baking soda because it reeeeally deodorizes my mouth after using it.

Also, as a former foster mom of a beagle who had been tested on and abused for personal care products, I thank you for being cruelty free and animal product free.


I love the packaging and they leave my teeth feeling and looking great.

I’m surprised by how much I like these!

The flavor/scent is much better than traditional toothpaste and I feel like they cleanse better as well. But I have heard people say they won’t make the switch due to feeling like they won’t be as effective. If you’re nervous about that I suggest using these in the morning and your traditional toothpaste in the evening. That way you know you’re getting your teeth clean before bed which is the most important brushing in my opinion.

Love these!

I've been using these unpaste tablets for probably about a year and both me and my boyfriend love them! They're super easy to use, taste great, and make my teeth feel as clean as if I used regular toothpaste.