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Stainless Steel Handcrafted Tweezers

Why we love it: Upgrade your tweezing game with these highly durable Stainless Steel Tweezers by GERMANIKURE. Hand crafted for durability and precision, these gap-less tweezers are guaranteed to grab even the finest of hairs and come with a lifetime warranty!

Sale price$17.50

Use & Care

Rinse with water after use - removing any debris. Made with high-carbon stainless steel this product should not rust or become dull.


FINOX high Carbon Stainless Steel.

End of Life

This product is designed with longevity in mind! However, the material is 100% Recyclable with scrap metal recycling & comes with a lifetime warranty.

As always, please bring into the shop if unsure about how or where to properly dispose of!

stainless steel handcrafted tweezers
Stainless Steel Handcrafted Tweezers Sale price$17.50