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Why We Love It: Ditch the landfill-destine card for ones that will actually grow flowers! Sow seeds of love and friendship while sowing the seeds of wildflowers. Inside of the cards are blank so you can write as much as you want to write!

    • Card 4" x 5 ¬†3/4"
    • Envelope 4 ¬†3/8" x 5 ¬†3/4"¬†

Packaging: The only packaging for this card will be the kraft paper envelope for addressing. 

Materials: These cards are made from seed paper. Meaning, after usage, you can plant the card to grow flowers. The envelope is made from recycled kraft paper. 

End of Life: Plant the card wherever you want to grow beautiful wildflowers and either recycle or compost the envelope, be sure to remove any stamps first!

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