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LastSwab Reusable Swab

Why We Love It: LastSwab is a reusable, sustainable and sanitary alternative to single-use cotton swabs, buds, and Q-tips. It helps combat the billions of single-use cotton swabs that are produced every day.



Sale price$12.35

Use & Care

You can generally use a LastSwab as you would use a single use swab, but keep in mind that the LastSwab is not heat resistant and you can not use it with solvents such as acetone or nail polish remover. It is non-absorbent for sanitary purposes, but instead works by wiping away debris.

LastSwab is the sanitary, reusable alternative to single-use swabs that can be cleaned using soap and warm water.


The swab ends are TPE, the rod is plastic, and the case is PLA which is made of corn and is biodegradable. When creating a product to last for thousands of uses, durability is key. LastSwab replaces thousands of single-use cotton swabs.

End of Life

Packaged in a kraft paper box. The swab comes with a storage case made from corn-based bioplastic.

Made to last over 1000+ uses. Feel free to send/ bring back to us to recycle properly.

a single black reusable cotton swab sitting in a solid black storage case. The swab is white on the ends with a black wand.
LastSwab Reusable Swab Sale price$12.35

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
A very solid replacement

It takes some getting use to, but once you do it is nice. It feels like owning a tool for your ears and I like that, I was impressed by how easy it is to clean and how sturdy it is and cool the carrying case it come with is. My only reason for 4 stars is that it helps get the gunk out of my ears but does not really help with the oil, granted I have quite oily sink. That being said it still does not stop me from traveling with it and or buying it as a gift for friends. Great product but like I said it takes some getting use to!


I really do love this product. Remove the gunk without the guilt.

Saving the world and my wallet

I absolutely love this product! I hated using cotton swabs for my ears every night and thinking about how wasteful it was. I’ve been using the last swab now for a few months and it is excellent! I actually think it works better than a regular Q-tip to clean my ears. Over time it will save me money since I won’t ever need to buy single use again.

Effective but with some drawbacks

I'm glad I bought this, especially now that I've used it for a while and have figured out how it works related to cotton swabs. It isn't very effective to use out of the shower when I would normally swab my ears, so I do it at night before bed and it works very well. It is not as easy to clean as I'd hoped, but I've learned how to clean it more effectively so it isn't a pain anymore. A good rub with soapy fingers under warm/ hot water for a few seconds works well. One swab cleans both my ears well without having to clean after each ear. Compared to how wasteful cotton swabs are, this is a great product, but as usual it doesn't come with some drawbacks.

perfect alternative!

Every once in a while I use a q-tip to clean up imperfections in my makeup and it felt like such a waste to go through q-tips for something so minor. When I found the beauty swab I was ecstatic to have my problem solved!! It works brilliantly for this purpose. I also love the case it comes with - I didn't realize it came with that when I bought it so that was a fun surprise!!