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Natural Beeswax Votive Candles (Local Pick-up Only)

Our Natural Beeswax Votives Candles are for Local Pickup  in Nashville only. 

Why We Love It: All-natural, and free of paraffin and other toxins, these candles burn clean and soot free, with a steady, healthy sized flame that radiates a spectrum of light that matches that of the sun. These votives are a standard size 1.5"x 2". Enjoy the natural, sweet, honey fragrance infused straight from the hive into the wax!

Sale price$4.30

Use & Care

For best results, burn votives in a container that fits close around the diameter of the candle. Never burn on or near anything that can catch fire. Never leave burning candle unattended.


100% pure, naturally filtered, unscented beeswax. The wicks are made from 100% cotton and contain no lead or metal. This 2 ounce candle will burn for over 15 hours.

End of Life

Package free. Burn candle until end. Whatever is left of the wick should be disposed of in trash (we wish it wasn't so).

Yellow all natural beeswax votive candle for zero waste candle refills.
Natural Beeswax Votive Candles (Local Pick-up Only) Sale price$4.30

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Find the right holder

I love these candles. The instructions to put into a close fitting container are smart - the wick tends to lean - even slightly - one direction which means wax spills off to an edge and you end up having a bit leftover. I haven't found the right container yet so mine definitely don't last over 15 hours but I believe I'm losing up a third because of the spillage which probably makes up for that time. The only smell is a slight sweetness (pretty much exactly like honey) that is strongest right after the candle is blown out (and lasts about 15 minutes).

Wonderful Candle

These candles smell so delicious! They have a soft, warm scent that is great for people who don't like strong scented candles. I will probably buy a few for my mom who is super sensitive to ALL types of scents.