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Nail Brush

Why We Love It: Ever worked in the garden only to have dirt stuck under your nails for the rest of the week? Or done some painting and have paint stuck on your fingers? Use this nail brush to scrub off any excess dirt or grime anywhere on your hands. Good for feet too. 

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Use & Care

When washing your hands, get the soap into a good lather and scrub your nails and fingertips.


Made from wood and natural tampico fibers.

End of Life

Package free. Compostable in industrial composting.

natural wood nail brush with natural bristles
Nail Brush Sale price$3.60

Customer Reviews

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Love this product!

I have long been a user of plastic nail brushes. I work in healthcare and cook a lot so I find myself needing to clean under my nails quite often. This brush has held up for over 3 months so far of daily use. Only suggestion I have is to make sure you don't leave it somewhere that it gets wet often because I noticed that it caused the wood part of mine to crack a bit in the center (not enough to cause it to break, but just something to be mindful of).