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Bamboo Travel Case for Shampoo & Conditioner Bars - 3 Sizes

Why We Love It: Made of durable, thick-walled bamboo, these carry cases for Shampoo and Conditioner bars are perfect for travel or storage. Not only will the sturdy construction protect your bar from getting squished in transit, each includes an inner coaster with tiny feet so you always have a soap rest to keep your bar off the shower floor, no matter where your travels take you. A hole in the bottom of the case will help with drainage (and ensure you can always lift the coaster and bar out!), and a bamboo fabric round lining the top of the lid will prevent your bar from sticking, even if your bag gets turned upside down. These sustainable bamboo cases last as long as you take care of them, and best of all, they will eventually return to the earth.

Large Round holds the Full-Size (3 oz) Dip Conditioner & Detangler Bar and any of our other shampoo and conditioner bars.
Large Square holds the Full-Size (4 oz) Dip Everyday Color-Day Shampoo Bar.
Small Round holds the Mini Dip size (0.75 oz) of either the Shampoo or Conditioner Bar.



Sale price$15.40

Use & Care

Pop your bar in the matching case and close the lid to protect the bar during transit or storage. To remove the coaster and bar, press up through the hole in the bottom of the case. The bamboo round that lines the lid of each case is to prevent the bar from sticking to the lid and should not be removed. For longest life, do not keep the entire case in the shower or other wet environments for extended periods.




End of Life

Compost industrially or at home.

bamboo travel case for zero waste shampoo bars - the good fill
Bamboo Travel Case for Shampoo & Conditioner Bars - 3 Sizes Sale price$15.40