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Hand Sani Spray & Refills

Why We Love It: Our no-rinse cleansing spray is 66% alcohol, higher than the CDC's recommended amount to kill bacteria and deactivate viruses on hands. Sustainably sourced, non-GMO alcohol is combined with glycerin to keep skin soft and moisturized while killing germs, and essential oils provide a light citrus scent. This spray may also be used on non-porous surfaces like door handles, tabletops, and more for a touch-free clean.

  • Vegan
  • Cruelty Free
  • Made in House
Pre-Filled Container or Refill:

Pre-Filled Container or Refill

Sale price$5.51

In-Store Refill Price: $1.08

Use & Care

Spray onto hands, rub in and let dry.


Alcohol, Water, Glycerin, Sunflower Seedate, Litsea Cubeba Essential Oil.

  • Gluten free
  • Palm free
  • Soy free

End of Life

Refills come in a BPA-free pouch made with 93% less plastic than a plastic bottle. All refill pouches should be returned to us in the envelope you receive with your order which includes pre-paid postage. Simply empty the pouch contents into your own container, give it a quick rinse with water, and then place the empty pouch back in the mail for us to clean and refill for the next customer.

Recycle glass bottles. Plastic spray tops may be returned to The Good Fill store locations to be recycled through TerraCycle.

Bottles in shipped orders come wrapped in 100% recycled newsprint paper made entirely from post-consumer and/or post-industrial content. Paper can be recycled or composted (at home or industrially).

refillable hand sanitizer - the good fill
Hand Sani Spray & Refills Sale price$5.51

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews

Great! Cleans well and doesn't smell too alcohol-like


Really nice scent, I can't wear anything scented at work, and after using this I've gotten comments about smelling great. Also doesn't seem to irritate those with fragrance sensitivities when I share. Doesn't dry my skin out which is super essential. Love this low-waste option.

A pandemic must-have!

I love this stuff, it cleans well without drying my sensitive skin and smells great. This has been a regular in our household rotation since Covid!

Cleans without drying out hands

I love this hand sanitizer! I use it on a daily basis. It keeps my hands clean without drying them out, which I have found to be an issue over the past year. Definitely a swap I will keep using

So far, so good!

I purchased the 8 oz. refill pouch and am happy to have this option. I emptied it in to a couple 2 oz. bottles for travel, put the extra in a jar, and am sending the refill pouch back in the prepaid envelope - the process was really simple! Normally hand sanitizer leaves a filmy residue behind that I don't like. It also burns my broken skin. This hand sanitizer does neither - so far, so good!