Grapefruit Lemon Face & Body Bar


Why We Love It: A bright citrus blend featuring refreshing notes of mood lifting grapefruit and lemon. Antioxidant rich organic essential oils protect skin while anti-inflammatory turmeric helps brighten skin, fade scars and sun spots, and balance oil production.

Use: To reap the maximum moisturizing benefits from your soap, after lathering only rinse until the suds have disappeared. This leaves a silky layer of milky goodness to protect and heal your skin.

Little Seed doesn't use palm oil (a hardening oil) in their soap for ethical and environmental reasons. As a result, the bars will soften if left in a pool of water. To help keep your bar at it's best, please keep it in a draining soap dish away from direct streams of water.

Packaging: Package free.

End of Life: Why we love bars so much, no need to do anything! These will eventually just dissolve.

Ingredients: virgin olive oil*, coconut oil*, grassfed goat's milk (from our herd), sodium hydroxide, essential oils of grapefruit*, orange*, lemongrass*, and litsea cubeba*, turmeric powder*.


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