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Organic Cotton Mesh Produce Bag

Why We Love It: No plastic or polyester here. These reusable and machine washable mesh bags are great for all your grocery shopping needs - the bag's weight is printed on a patch on the front of the bag to easily deduct at checkout.

We also love these mesh bags to keep Facial Rounds or other small items from being lost in the laundry. Simply add items to the bag, close and secure the drawstring with a slip knot, and add the bag to your laundry.

One size: 12 x 15 inches.

    Sale price$5.50

    Use & Care

    Hand or machine wash as needed. Lay flat to dry to avoid shrinkage.


    100% unbleached organic cotton

    End of Life

    Tag is made from over 50% recycled content and may be recycled or composted. Bag may be composted industrially.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Perfect for, well, everything!

    These bags are a great size for just about everything. They are great for produce, yes, but we use them for packing and travel, yarn and art supplies, children's toys, etc. You name it, we've probably packed it in these. The mesh makes things easy to find and identify. We love them!


    These bags are perfect for keeping loose produce organized in my cart and in larger bags. I have one for fruits and one for vegetables! Pro tip: you can also use these bags to keep delicates safe in the washer and dryer!

    Perfect for Produce

    I love taking these bags to my local grocery store and putting fruits and vegetables in them. The tare weight is easy to read right on the side, so checkout is a breeze.