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13 Gallon Compostable Bin Bags - Pack of 12

Why We Love It: If You Care's Certified Compostable Tall Kitchen Bags streamline compost collection and reduce the mess, whether you compost at home or use commercial resources. Made from non-GMO starch potatoes and a certified compostable polymer, no polyethylene or other plasticizers are added. Not only does potato starch make these bags stronger than those made from corn starch, but the high starch content of potatoes means 40% less land is required for the same production. 

Each box includes 12 bags, each with 50-liter/13-gallon capacity (the size of a standard kitchen trash bag). We love using them for our large compost bins in our Nashville shops where we compost with Compost Nashville.

Sale price$8.88

Use & Care

Line larger compost bins or small trash cans to collect compost before adding to the compost heap, or sending off for commercial compost.

We do not recommend these bags for collecting trash bound for the landfill (read about why on the blog). For trash, check out these Trash Bags with 89% Recycled Plastic.


100% GMO-free potato starch and a fully compostable polymer.

Bag dimensions: 2' x 2' 1 1/4" x .75 mil

50-liter/13-gallon capacity

End of Life

Packaged in a 100% recycled kraft paperboard box, processed chlorine free, and printed with vegetable-based inks and dyes. Paperboard box may be recycled with cardboard recycling, or composted at home or in a commercial facility.

Compost bags at home or in a commercial facility.

A 100% recycled craft paper box of compostable tall kitchen bags.
13 Gallon Compostable Bin Bags - Pack of 12 Sale price$8.88

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

I’ll be back for more of these! I love these!

Marissa H
Great for dry trash! Also for large bins of compost

Love these! I use them in a small trash can for dry trash since we compost all of our wet foods. I also use them in 5 gallon buckets outside for our actual compost that we drop off at our local compost drop-off.

Makes composting a bit less messy

First of all, don’t be like me and blindly order these thinking they’re meant for the compost bin also on this site. They’re WAY too big for it. Lol
These, I think, are better for dry composting, as they are meant to break down pretty quickly (a few days tops if you’re tossing in wet veggie scraps, egg shells, etc). I found out the hard way. I had to bag the bag I was using because it had started to break down but I had it in there for almost a week (whoops), so that’s REALLY not bad. All in all, it does make it a bit easier to bunch up and bring over to my compost bin outside. It does exactly as it’s supposed to.
Also, customer service rocks!