Bottle Brush
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Bottle Brush

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Why we love it!

No plastic here! Flexible bottle brush which is great for narrow-top bottles. 


Flexible horsehair, beechwood and metal


Will last a long time if hung to dry. You can treat wood with natural olive oil or beeswax. 



Environment & Health

Handmade in Germany. Compostable!

***Redecker brushes are made up of domestic woods, and bristles, hair, or plant fibres, as they have been for decades. This brush is inspired by Redecker's commitment to providing high quality body care brushes for wellness and relaxation. Precedence is given to natural, sustainable raw materials.

Separate bristles and metal handle from wooden base with pliers. Dispose of metal pieces then compost boar bristles and cotton strap. Made of natural pig bristles twisted in wire.