Double Edged Safety Razor


Why We Love It: Did you know that every year, billions of razors are thrown into landfills? Thinking about ditching plastic razors? This is the safety razor for you! Making the switch to reusable razors isn't as scary as you'd think, thanks to the unique curved design of the head which bends the blade flush with the guard to protect you from cuts. 

Use: No need to press hard against the skin, just lightly glide over the skin for a smooth shave while holding handle at a 30 degree angle from your skin, holding the handle closer to your body around sensitive areas. This lifts the blades off of your skin and allows the guard to do its job. Try it with this all natural shave bar.

Comes with a pack of 10 blades. Twist the bottom of the handle to load and unload the blades (Buy replacements blades here).

Materials: Metal razor and 10 platinum razor blades (enough to last about 1 year!)

Care: This razor should last forever! When finished shaving, run blade through water to clear out all hair so that the blade and safety razor can properly dry between shaves. This will ensure a long, rust-free life for your razor. 

Packaging: Package free. Blades come in recyclable box. 

End of Life: Recycle through metal recycling or pass down to someone who needs one!


Recycling Blades: Until you can dispose of your blades, keep them in a blade bank. Simply keep razors in containers like prescription bottles, which are strong enough to hold the razors without danger.

Send your blades back to us in an envelope *inside* another padded envelope (please write "blade recycling program" on your envelope). This is a great way to reuse a plastic bubble envelope you may have regrettably acquired ;)

Send Blades To:

The Good Fill
1106 Woodland St, Suite 2
Nashville, TN 37206

Curious about Traveling?

Checked bags are ok but if you are only carrying-on your luggage, we suggest keeping an old razor around for those times. If you’ve already tossed your old razors, we recommend purchasing a Preserve Razor made from recycled plastic. As long as you keep it dry, it should last you years as your travel razor. 

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