A Zero Waste Life In Thirty Days


Why We Love It: By introducing thirty simple rules one day at a time, A Zero Waste Life is a manageable guide to forming a more conscientious, intentional life in just one month. Rocket scientist Anita Vandyke offers practical advice for tackling waste and making ethical choices when it comes to shopping, eating, travel, beauty, and more. Anita highlights how to start making your own personal care products at home, gives tips for second-hand shopping, and teaches how to spread the word about Zero-Waste Living. Not only does she help you reduce your personal waste by 80%, she helps you gain more – more time, more money, and more life. 

192 Pages
Measures 5.5 x 0.5 x 7 inches

Materials: Paperback book.

End of Life: Donate or recycle.

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