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10-Pack Recycled Newsprint Pencils

Why We Love It:These HB #2 pencils feature a body made from recycled newspaper rather than wood. Each pencil comes pre-sharpened and is tipped with a white eraser.
Sale price$6.30

Use & Care

Write, erase, and sharpen as you would with any standard pencil.


Recycled newsprint, metal fastener, rubber eraser

End of Life

Packed in a recyclable cardboard box. When the pencil is used entirely, the metal fastener and eraser may be removed with pliers and the remainder of the pencil may be composted at home or industrially. Alternatively, pencil nubs may be returned to The Good Fill store locations to be recycled through TerraCycle.

recycled pencils
10-Pack Recycled Newsprint Pencils Sale price$6.30