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Refillable travel containers and reusable travel bags for zero waste travel

Reusable Travel Goodies

Reusable Travel Products

From BYO bags for shopping to a travel mug for your morning coffee, there are many easy and affordable ways to reduce your plastic footprint while traveling. Reusable travel solutions can often be found in your kitchen or bathroom drawers, too. I've avoided buying travel containers for my shampoo and conditioner bars by wrapping them in a washcloth with a rubber band around the outside to secure them. A major bonus is that it prevents my bars from disintegrating. Have reusable baggie alternatives like Stashers? These are great for storing toiletries, body bars, to-go snacks, and more. 


It's worth taking a moment to think about whether you may already have something that works before making a purchase. But if you're out of options, we have some great go-too solutions below. 



When traveling with liquids and lotions, we recommend using reusable silicone or aluminum bottles. Have a special liquid that needs to be stored in glass? We've got those, too.


Refillable squeeze travel tubeGoToob

• Leak-proof silicone with a lockable lid

• Lifetime warranty!

• Large opening for thorough cleaning


Tip: Doing laundry on your trip? These are great for liquid laundry detergent, too!



Refillable Aluminum Bottles

 Refillable Aluminum Bottle

• Lightweight & won't break

• Reusable and infinitely recyclable


Tip: Ensure your pump top is secured into the "locked position." Push down and turn to the right.



2oz refillable glass amber travel bottle

 2oz. Amber Glass Bottles

• Carry-on size

• Durable glass

• Protects UV-sensitive products


Tip: Perfect size for our refillable hand-sani spray, oils, and more.



Reusable Travel Bags for Zero Waste Traveling


Pack a bag; let's go!
Here are a few of our favorite reusable travel bags for anything you can imagine.


Reusable Stasher Travel Bags for Zero Waste Travel

 Stasher Bags

• Agave fiber and cotton

• Keeps bars dry

• Can be used as an exfoliator mitt


Tip: Perfect shampoo and conditioner bar travel bag



Agave Soap Saver Bag for Zero Waste Travel

 Agave Soap Bag

• Agave fiber and cotton

• Keeps bars dry

• Can be used as an exfoliator mitt


Tip: Perfect shampoo and conditioner bar travel bag


Organic reusable cotton string bag

 Cotton String Bag

• Holds up to 50 lbs!

• Lightweight & takes up little space

• Doubles as an AirBnB grocery-run bag


Tip: Stores easily in a larger bag or glove compartment so you never forget your bag. 


 More Travel Products

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Natural Mosquito Repellent Balm

 2 oz Mosquito Repellent Balm 



Bite Relief Soothing Balm



Mineral Sunscreen Butter



Bamboo Mini Hairbrush



zero waste travel size shampoo bar

Travel Size Color Safe Shampoo 


Zero Waste Travel Size Conditioner Bar

Travel Size Conditioner Bar



What are your favorite zero waste travel tips?

Share in the comments below!

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