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Finding a Natural Deodorant that Works for You

Finding a Natural Deodorant that Works for You

Natural Deodorant


We All Have Different Needs

With different body chemistry comes unique deodorant needs. To know if a natural deo will work for you, you may have to try it first. However, by familiarizing yourself with the active ingredients found in many natural deodorants, you can make an informed decision and narrow down which ones may or may not be effective for you. Let's look at the active ingredients in our deo options and highlight what makes them effective.

Tips for Transitioning to Natural Deodorant

• Be patient: Your body needs time to adjust to natural deodorant. Stick with it, as these symptoms usually subside over the first few weeks.

• Start with a detox: Before switching to natural deodorant, consider doing an armpit detox to help remove any buildup of toxins or chemicals. Traditional aluminum antiperspirants clog up your pores. We actually need to sweat in order to clear out bodily toxins. An initial detox will help clean out your underarm pores and get them back to how nature intended.

Underarm Detox Bar
fragrance-free | palm-free | detergent-free | gently exfoliates | vegan

• Keep your underarms clean: Good hygiene is essential when using natural deodorant. Wash your underarms thoroughly with a pH balanced body wash and warm water to remove bacteria and prevent odor.
• Reapply as needed: Natural deodorants may need to be reapplied more frequently than conventional ones, especially during hot weather or physical activity. Carry your deodorant with you and reapply as necessary throughout the day.
• Stay hydrated: Drinking plenty of water helps regulate body temperature and can reduce sweating and body odor.
• Wear breathable, natural fabrics like cotton, or linen which allow air circulation and help minimize sweat and odor.
• Transition slowly. If you're switching from a conventional deodorant, try a natural alternative on days when you are able to reapply or on days you're less physically active.
• Give it time: If you're not satisfied with the first product you try, don't give up. Experiment with different formulas until you find one that works best for your body chemistry. Below we break down active ingredients found in most natural deodorants and how to sample them in stores with us.

What makes it effective: Magnesium hydroxide, the natural odor-stopper in this formula, is a non-sweat-soluble ingredient. It can gradually adjust the skin's pH level without irritation and is excellent at preventing the growth of odor-causing bacteria, keeping you feeling fresh all day. Not ready to commit to a full-sized jar? We offer samples in-store or BYO jar to try as little or as much as you'd like!

What makes it low-waste: Our top-selling deodorant by Little Seed Farm is available for in-store refills. It's an excellent option for those wanting to try a small amount without making a big commitment. Refilling your jar is easy. Bring empties back for one of our staff to assist with in stores.



What makes it effective: With Noniko, you can choose between two different odor-fighting ingredients. Noniko offers two scents that use baking soda as the active ingredient. For those sensitive to baking soda, though, they offer an additional scent that uses magnesium hydroxide (highlighted above) as the active ingredient instead. While some individuals may be sensitive to baking soda, others swear by its odor-fighting properties. Baking soda is highly effective at neutralizing bacteria and is an excellent option for those looking for longer protection who don't have sensitive skin. Choose the magnesium hydroxide option if you've found success with options like Little Seed Deo's in the past but would prefer a push-up.

What makes it low-waste: Noniko comes in plastic-free push-up containers with infinitely recyclable aluminum and a compostable cork bottom. Don't let their small size fool you; they can last up to 3 months! These are great for those looking for a push-up option that is genuinely recyclable, unlike plastic deodorant containers.


What makes it effective: Potassium Alum, the star ingredient in this formula, forms a porous barrier that prevents odor-causing underarm bacteria from multiplying. Unlike aluminum in conventional deodorant, which clogs pores, potassium alum salts don't congest the sweat glands. Instead, they sit on top of the skin, allowing you to sweat naturally without getting that ‘sweaty’ odor. If you have a small spray bottle at home, you can bring it in clean and dry to try a sample in stores.


What makes it low-waste: It comes in a glass bottle and can be refilled in-store or online.



Natural Deodorant


What makes it effective: This natural deodorant is exceptionally effective, utilizing natural enzymes to thoroughly neutralize odors. Additionally, it contains bamboo extract and tapioca to help maintain dryness on your skin. For sensitive skin, we recommend applying a lotion or moisture barrier first to prevent irritation for more sensitive skin types. Choose between a larger bar or look for smaller samples in stores.

What makes it low-waste: It comes completely package-free!


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