Tapered Candles - Handcrafted Dipped 100% Beeswax


Why we love it: When burned, these classic tapered beeswax candles emit negative ions that help purify the air, making beeswax the cleanest burning wax available! Though they do not have fragrance added to them, they naturally smell like honey and wildflowers. Made in the USA. 

Use: To affix to holder - hold lighter to bottom of tapered candles, allow drops of wax to fall onto where you want to affix the candle onto the holder, once bottom wax is softened, press onto holder (be sure to keep candle straight to ensure even burning and less dripping) - allow wax to cool and solidify before letting go. Burn on an even surface, away from any other flammable materials.

Care: Between uses  - keep wick trimmed to approx. 1/4" for even burning. 

End of life: Compost whatever material is left after burning. 

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