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Refillable Dental Floss

Why We Love It: The Good Floss's benefit is that it's refillable and compostable. Candelilla wax on 100% silk floss. A refill box contains two spools of floss - 33 yards each. The package is made of recyclable or compostable paperboard with a compostable plant-based wax paper wrapper inside. 

Container or Refill:

Container or Refill

Sale price$7.50

Use & Care

Dental floss.


100% mulberry silk floss, candelilla wax, spearmint essential oil.

Pre-filled floss comes in a stainless steel container.

End of Life

The package is made of recyclable or compostable paperboard with a compostable plant-based wax paper wrapper inside.

Stainless steel container is reusable and floss is compostable.

The Good Fill refillable dental floss in a stainless steel container.
Refillable Dental Floss Sale price$7.50

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Almost perfect

I've been using this floss for a few years, and love it. My teeth are very close together, yet I rarely have trouble with it fraying. I have broken one glass container, so the new stainless option is nice to see. The refill packs last a long time, and customer service has been easy to talk to. I compost the floss, and if memory serves, they may be working toward a home-compostable bag as well, which would be fantastic (and bump the review to 5 stars)!


Kinda rough on my gums and has no flavor so basically all I tasted is blood. Don’t think i’ll buy this kind again. I would try it flavored for sure


Switched out my old glass floss container for the new stainless one, floss seems stronger… keep this strength in stock please!

So far, so good!

This floss works well and it's nice to avoid plastic. It does break from time to time but that's okay. I didn't buy the container until I was sure I'd like the refills so I'm sure the container will make it even more convenient in the future.

Love it, but scared case will break!

I've been using this dental floss for a few months now and so far it's been great! My only complaint with the product is that I'm super afraid it will roll off the counter and shatter, so I'm extra careful with it. If a full metal container comes out as an alternative to the glass case, I'd probably switch to that!