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Extra Strength Deodorant - 2 Scents

Why We Love It: These deodorant cubes offer odor protection while being completely package free. The natural enzymes help deodorize and the bamboo extract helps absorb moisture making it an incredible, effective natural deodorant. 

aluminum-free | paraben-free | vegan





Sale price$21.98

Use & Care

1-2 swipes under each arm, reapply if needed. As with any deodorant, we do not recommend applying directly after shaving or hair removal, and we recommend using an extra layer of cream or moisturizer (a small bit of shea butter works great) first if the skin is particularly sensitive and prone to rashes or irritation.

Store in airtight container: For the unpackaged deodorants, keep it in an airtight container to prevent the aloe vera juice from evaporating. This is especially a factor in dry climates.


bamboo extract powder, aloe vera juice, tapioca starch, natural enzymes, dipropylene glycol, golden jojoba wax, silica microspheres, sodium stearate, allantoin, phenoxyethanol, caprylyl glycol, sorbic acid, cyclomethicone, fragrance.

End of Life

Package free.

No Tox Extra Strength Deodorant - The Good Fill
Extra Strength Deodorant - 2 Scents Sale price$21.98

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Corinne Qualkinbush
Desert Rose Scent Like Perfume

I liked the Lavender Earl Grey scent and thought I might try the Desert Rose. As soon as I opened it I knew it wasn't for me-- it smelled like a grandma'a perfume to me and was SO strong. I had to throw it away, which was a shame since it was $11. I can't comment on its effectiveness but I do remember the Lavender Earl Grey version being pretty effective for mild sweating.

Mariah Konchan
Worth the effort

This deodorant works well for me. I find that it lasts all day in its odor-fighting efforts, and it doesn't irritate my skin. The only drawbacks are very small-- for one, after using it, I need to give my fingers that were holding the bar a quick rinse, and for two, it doesn't last multiple days like antiperspirants do. However, the second drawback is to be expected and honestly it's rare to find something made of naturally occurring and sustainable ingredients that also works as well as the stuff you can find at the regular big stores. So, overall, I'm pleased it works at all.

New Favorite

This deodorant works so well (even after hot yoga) and smells AMAZING. Whatever residue is left on my hands after application I just rub elsewhere, since it smells so good! In my experience, you need to use a lotion beforehand if you’ve just shaved or have sensitive skin. However, that totally prevents any issue I’ve had with irritation. 10/10 recommend!

Worked but not without side effects

This was one of the very first deodorants to last almost all day (morning to bedtime) so I was excited to find it. However, after a week or so of use, my skin became itchy, red, and it started to peel badly. Despite this, I still used it for a while longer because no other deodorants really lasted as long as this. Using this "burnt" my skin leaving it darker and more orange/pink in color. I have stopped using it since then and found something that doesn't affect my skin in the same way (Little Seed Farm). The other reason for the 3-stars is I had to wash my hands after every use of this deodorant, which made it messier than alternatives.

Works great

This was a great alternative for me to use and I found it to be less messy than some other alternatives I have used in the past. It definitely does its job!