Bamboo Toothbrush


Why We Love It: This special soft bristle brush is made of bamboo and 100% Castor Bean Oil bristles and is USDA Certified 100% bio-based – see Brush With Bamboo's USDA Certification and Testing Paperwork. This means that the bristles contain 0% fossil fuel and 0% petroleum!

Use/Care: A little pressure goes a long way. Try using with our Unpaste Tablets. After brushing, rinse the bristles with warm tap water, removing toothpaste suds or food debris. Dry both the bristles and handle with a towel. Place the toothbrush on top of your toothbrush holder or across a jar between uses. You just want to avoid a pool of water in the bottom of a jar. This will help prevent moist and dark handles. Will last about 3 months if cared for.

Packaging: Compostable/recyclable box.

End of Life: We recommend bringing the toothbrush back to us for proper disposal.  The bristles themselves can be put in home compost. They will take a while to break down but they eventually will. Being 100% plant-based, once they break down, they will add nutrients to the soil (to be used by plants, a la "plant food") as opposed to petroleum-based bristles which will break down into micro plastics and become toxic to the soil and surrounding plants.

Materials: Bamboo and 100% castor oil bristles.

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