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Swedish Dish Cloth

Why We Love It: These up-cycled dishcloths are the perfect cross between a sponge and a towel. They're super absorbent, can replace 100's of paper towels, and are dishwasher-safe so you can easily clean messes then reuse again and again. Not only do they replace disposable paper towels, they are made with waste from the cotton industry that would otherwise end up in the landfill.



Sale price$5.00

Use & Care

Wet before using.

Clean in Dishwasher: Place it on the top rack and run a normal cycle to clean and disinfect.

Microwave to sterilize: Wet the cloth and microwave for one full minute on high for a quick and easy way to disinfect.


Cellulose and reclaimed cotton.

End of Life

Package-free. Compostable.

package-free reusable swedish dish cloths
Swedish Dish Cloth Sale price$5.00

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

It took a while to get used to these but now that we have a system... I'm obsessed. I love how fast they dry, how easy they are to clean and how long they last. We make one last about a month or more which is definitely cheaper than paper towels and way less laundry than rags.

Love these!

These are so absorbent and durable! I use them for cleaning dishes, cleaning countertops, cleaning the bathroom. I toss them in my washing machine to clean them and they are ready to use all over again!

I have one for kitchen cleaning and one for bathroom cleaning.

These dish cloths are great! They dry quickly and do not hold that dank smell that wash cloths love to cuddle with. One minute in the microwave and I know I'm working with a germ-free, reusable cloth. Perfection.

Obsessed with these!

I bought these a month ago and they're still going strong. I've used them on every mess from the kitchen... even to the back patio to get dirt off of chairs. They turned black from all the dirt build up but I was able to get all of that out with a few hand washes and they're looking great again. Definitely recommend for people who love to clean but hate washing rags.

traci bradley
Great addition to the house

I keep this at the sink and after cooking and dishes i just grab this, wet it, wipe everything done then set it to the side to dry. I use way less paper towels and disinfecting it is literally 1 minute. Love