Stain Remover Stick


Why We Love It: This solid stain remover can be used to pre-treat stains on the go or in the home. It is effective of stains of grease, blood, grass, make-up, coffee, food and more. The stick is 1.5 oz and replaces 1-3 bottles of traditional stain remover spray. 

Use: Wet the stained area with water. Hold the bar between your fingers and rub the stick directly onto the stain. Launder as tag instructs.

For non-machinable items (pillows, drapes, rugs, pet beds, etc), use a bucket of water and a rag/sponge to remove the applied bar by dabbing the area with water and using a towel to soak up the excess moisture. Let air dry before covering. 

Keep dry between uses.

Packaging: Compostable and recyclable paperboard box.

Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Water, Saponified Sodium Hydroxide, Lemon Juice, Borax

End of Life: Recycle or compost paperboard box. Use stick to completion. 

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