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Pack of 5 Safety Razor Blades

Why We Love It: 5 pack of high quality double-edged razor blades. Gentle on sensitive skin and long lasting.

Sale price$2.15

Use & Care

Average of 5-10 shaves per blade depending on hair coarseness and length.


Steel blades and recyclable or compostable box.

End of Life

Did you know that we will take back your blades when you are through with them? Most recycling centers do not accept razor blades. 

1. Simply collect your used blades in a safe place like a jar or disposal tin away from children (old medicine bottles also work well).

2. Using two envelopes; place used blades in an envelope *inside* a separate padded envelope (please write "blade recycling program" on your envelope). This is a great way to reuse a plastic bubble envelope you may have regrettably acquired! (;

Ship to:
The Good Fill
4840 Centennial Blvd, Suite 103
Nashville TN, 37209

Pack of 5 Safety Razor Blades
Pack of 5 Safety Razor Blades Sale price$2.15