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Refillable Dry Shampoo Powder - Light or Dark Hair

Why We Love It: Revitalize second- or third-day locks (or more!), with dry shampoo that absorbs oil and adds body, 100% naturally. Not only is our formula made without the synthetic ingredients found in many conventional dry shampoos, we make it in-house in small batches in Nashville, TN, for an even smaller environmental footprint. A refillable powder spray bottle helps you get it in just the right spots, and options for light and dark hair ensure it blends seamlessly.



Pre-Filled Container or Refill:

Pre-Filled Container or Refill

Sale price$11.59

In-Store Refill Price: $6.25 per oz.

  • non-toxic deodorizing room spray

Use & Care

Sprinkle or spray onto roots to absorb oils or where hair needs lift. Blend in with fingers, hair brush, or cosmetic brush.


Tapioca Starch, Arrowroot Powder, Kaolin Clay, (Fair Trade) Cocoa Powder, Charcoal Powder, Frankincense Essential Oil.

  • Palm Free
  • Gluten Free
  • Soy Free

End of Life

Refillable powder spray bottle is intended to be refilled utilizing the refill bags and is not meant to be recycled and repurchased after each use. At the end of its life, recycle the bottle and top where plastics are accepted, or return to The Good Fill store locations to be recycled through TerraCycle.

Refillable jar is glass with a plastic top. Recycle the jar with glass recycling. Plastic jar top may be returned to The Good Fill store locations to be recycled through TerraCycle.

Refill bags are certified home compostable and completely break down within 90-180 days. Bags will break down faster when industrially composted.

zero waste dry shampoo - the good fill
Refillable Dry Shampoo Powder - Light or Dark Hair Sale price$11.59

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

AMAZING. Just amazing. Makes my hair look so nice, the texture just amazing and it actually adds fullness and body to my hair and best of all no icky toxic chemicals!

The best!!

I have really fine hair and without dry shampoo would have to wash my hair every day. I have tried every drugstore and beauty brand’s aerosol spray then recently made the switch to thegoodfill’s powdered dry shampoo and will never turn back! It goes in seamlessly into my roots, adds volume, and I can go days without having to wash my hair. It is the BEST!!

make the swap!!

Please... drop your unrecyclable aerosol cans of dry shampoo and grab one of these!! One of the best zero waste decisions I've made so far. It really does work and plus even though it's a small bottle of product it lasts me for months at a time with daily use. And the refills are really convenient which I love. Make. the. swap!!

Skyler Slater

this stuff is legit. it works. period. I bought the sprayer and I prefer it to sprinkling the powder or using a brush. A little goes a long way and I was astonished at how small the sprayer was when my order arrived but I assure you what's in the container is plenty. I've had my refillable sprayer for months now and use it at least twice a week... the product looks barely used. I feel like it's going to last me forever lol. my only warning is that the powder goes everywhere when you spray it onto your roots... ill look in the mirror when I'm done and find dry shampoo all over my shoulders. It's nothing that shaking and dusting my shirt can't fix. love this product.


I wanted to find a refillable dry shampoo after finding out the aerosol cans were not recyclable. This powder is AMAZING! I use the plastic applicator because I prefer a spray top, but I have found it to be just as effective as the aerosol ones.