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People ask me a lot if we still use toilet paper.

Listen, of course... I am not ready to start washing poop out of rags. Although, that would be cheaper. So the goal was to look for the most sustainable TP option. Eventually we'll find the money to spend on this bidet from Tushy. I've been reading about their benefits and being that much of the world uses them, it really shouldn't be that weird. Buttt, back to TP...

I used to be a bargain hunter but most of the time that means you sacrifice quality or you are not supporting a company that has responsible practices. Toilet tissue accounts for 15% of deforestation. When billions of people in the world are using toilet paper a few times a day - thats a lot of trees, resources and chemicals going into just wiping. Additionally, that doesn't account for the billions of plastic wrappers that get tossed into landfills every year.

It took me a long time to find something responsibly made, plastic-free and not crazy expensive! We tried everything from Tushy, Seventh Generation, Field Day and a few other cheapies until we landed on Who Gives a Crap.

The others were more expensive, didn't last long and were not soft. 

Why I LOVE Who Gives a Crap!

  • They don't use trees to make their toilet paper. They make recycled toilet paper and toilet paper from fast growing bamboo. We chose the recycled toilet paper because it's cheaper and ... it's ... recycled!
  • They donate 50% of their proceeds to help build toilets for those in need! Around 289,000 children under five die every year from diarrhoeal diseases caused by poor water and sanitation. Who Gives a Crap was actually started to help lower this number. 
  • Their recycled toilet paper is tested frequently to make sure that it's free of BPA (typically a problem with contaminated recycling streams and one reason you wouldn't want to buy recycled toilet paper elsewhere.)
  • They don't use harsh chemicals to clean the paper during processing
  • It's worth the $1 per roll. You don't need more than a few sheets per loo use. I mean, unless times are tough... 
  • We have a subscription! I'm not subscribed to many things on the internet but I can now say one of my first subscriptions is for toilet paper. So. Weird.

Click here for $10 off your first order!  You can also get a code to send to friends and get $10 off for every friend you refer - more happy bums ;).

Sooo for now, this is what we're sticking too. We'll definitely be looking at getting a bidet from Tushy at some point but like I always say ... baby steps.

Don't forget to recycle your paper tubes! Every minute, Americans throw away about 30,000 toilet paper tubes! 




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I was glad to hear about your store today on tv. Kudos to you!

Sandra Bigvand

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