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Celebrating Black Owned Businesses We Love

Celebrating Black Owned Businesses We Love

In celebration of Black History month we want to highlight some of our favorite Black owned low-waste businesses and local vegan businesses.


Low Waste Businesses 


Reel Bamboo Toilet Paper

Reel makes 100% Bamboo paper products that we love! On top of their products being tree-free and made of fast growing bamboo, all of their shipping materials are completely plastic free, recyclable and compostable!

Learn more about Reel and their founder's stories at


Fern Valley Botanics

Buying basics can sometimes get boring, but Fern Valley Botanics makes it fun with their beautiful and unique soaps! In an effort to encourage people to simplify their soap routine, owner Elan shares her expertise of herbalism and natural products through her shop. 

You can shop Fern Valley Botanics at one of our Nashville stores or purchase online in her Etsy store.


PUR Home

Cleaning products are often filled with harsh and toxic ingredients. PUR Home is on a mission to make safe and sustainable cleaning simple. All of their ingredients are plant-based, biodegradable, sulfate-free, and non-toxic, and they are Leaping Bunny Certified! Plus, we are able to refill their floor cleaner and multi purpose powder in bulk at our stores! 

Refill in-store with us or learn more about PUR Home at 


Shea + Coconut

Local to Nashville, Stephanie puts so much love and attention into each product she makes. Her Body Butters have been a favorite of ours and are great for soothing skin conditions such as eczema, help promote elasticity, and contain many beneficial vitamins and fatty acids that can be extremely moisturizing and healing for the skin. You can purchase her butters here.


Oui The People

Made in Germany, Oui The People's reusable razors are known for their simplicity and effectiveness. We love their sustainability goals (refillable shaving gel... yes please!), inclusiveness and their dedication to changing the language of beauty. 


Local Vegan Food

The Southern V

One of the best places around to get vegan southern-style cooking is The Southern V. This family owned and operated restaurant gives you a home cooked meal in every bite. Check them out in the Buchanan Arts District! 

Learn more about The Southern V.


Radical Rabbit

Radical Rabbit focuses on keeping it real with Plant-based southern food that tastes incredible. Rad Rab was created by Mariah, a vegan, Nashville mom. She sells vegan soul food through grab and go sections of marketplaces (cold food) and through events or pop ups all over town (hot food or cold). See their schedule here or order locally via the HotPoppy App.


Vegelicious Cafe

This little Vegan cafe, serves all sorts of scrumptious Homestyle delights, like hearty entrees, sandwiches, salads, and much more. Favorites include the Vege-licious signature Hot Fried Chicken, House-made Burger with special sauce and their house made dressing


Other Resources

Intersectional Environmentalists


While not a business, we also want to highlight Intersectional Environmentalist as an organization. IE is a climate justice community and resource hub centering BIPOC and historically under-amplified voices in the environmental space.


"Conversations within environmental spaces cannot minimize or ignore the injustices targeting vulnerable communities + natural ecosystems, but rather denote the ways social inequalities influence our perception of environmentalism, regardless of how subtle or obvious. In this way, intersectional environmentalism calls for justice for people + the planet." -IE


Who are some other businesses and makers you love? Add them below in the comments!

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