Saalt | Menstrual Cups - Soft - 2 sizes


Why we love it: Saalt cups are designed with simplicity and longevity in mind. Each cup can be worn up to 12 hours at a time and holds the capacity of 4 tampons! These reusable menstrual cups replace thousands of tampons over the span of their 10 year life. 


To insert: wash your hands and rinse your Saalt cup. Roll the cup in a spiral as tightly as you can with the opening pointed up. While keeping a tight grip on the fold, insert the open end into your vagina and push it all the way in. Once in place, let go and allow the opening of the cup to pop open.

To remove: after no more than 12 hours or when your Saalt cup feels full, push as if you're passing gas, grab the stem, and gently pull. If you meet resistance or discomfort, reach a bit higher for the base of the cup and pinch and wiggle the base as you pull downward. Dump your blood in the toilet, rinse the cup with water, and re-insert. If you're in public, it's completely fine to re-insert your cup without rinsing it, just make sure to rinse when you return home. 

After Each Use: Rinse and re-insert, or if in public, simply re-insert and rinse when you return home. Soap isn't necessary, but if you do use soap, make sure it's gentle and fragrance-free as to not irritate your sensitive parts! 

Between Cycles: Wash with soap and water and store it in the provided pouch until next month! If you'd like to fully sterilize your Saalt cup you can do so by boiling for 5 minutes and removing with tongs. Let your cup cool off and dry, then store in your storage pouch.

Packaging: Reusable storage pouch, and 100% recyclable paper display tube.

End of Life: Your Saalt cup can be safely used for up to 10 years! Some users prefer to purchase a new cup every few years, however, this is not necessary. 100% recyclable silicone.

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