Wildflower Facial Tonic


Why We Love It: Summon the wildflowers with this intoxicating facial tonic, filled with flowers grown on the owners farm, selected for their toning and skin-nourishing properties. Beloved botanicals calendula, yarrow, chamomile, and elderflower combine with witch hazel to provide a nutritive, balancing toner to bring your skin's pH to its natural state and promote a glowing appearance.

Use: Shake gently. After cleansing, work into skin using one of our reusable facial rounds to remove impurities & minimize the appearance of pores. Use as part of your daily facial care regimen.

Packaging: Comes in a 4 oz frosted amber glass bottle with plastic lid.

End of Life: Reuse or recycle the bottle with your city's glass recycling. The top can be sent back to us for proper recycling. 

Ingredients: *Witch hazel extract infused with **calendula, **chamomile, **elderflower, & **yarrow, *lavender hydrosol, aloe vera gel, *vegetable glycerine, Geogard® ECT (benzyl alcohol, salicylic acid, glycerin, sorbic acid)

*organic ingredient // **grown on their farm using organic practices

Made Locally in Joelton, TN

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