Stainless Steel Nail File


Why we love it: This file is perfectly textured in the sweet spot between too coarse and too fine. Crafted in Solingen Germany on traditional grooving machines - there are very few factories left that still use these machines and even fewer artisans remain that have the skills to adjust them - these are not poorly textured strips of stamped metal. Learn what luxury feels like and invest in an heirloom file. 

Care: Rinse with water after use - removing any debris. 

Use: The double sided textured grooves have a strong enough bite for use on artificial nails yet the file spine has enough flex so that it can prevent damage to natural nails. The pointed tip is well suited for removing debris that accumulates from beneath the nail and the curved base can be used to carefully push back and help remove cuticle overgrowth from the surface of the nail.

Materials: High Carbon FINOX Stainless Steel.

End of Life: Item has a lifetime warranty but should it need to be disposed of - stainless steel is 100% recyclable. As always, please bring into the shop if unsure about how or where to properly dispose of! 

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