Rose Gold Razor


Why We Love It: This metal safety razor is the perfect alternative to disposable, plastic razors. A safety razor is made to last forever so the only waste created is the razor blade which can be recycled with certain programs. This razor comes with 10 razor blades. Try it with this natural shave bar. Zero Waste Club also plants a tree for every product purchased, just register the code under the barcode of your packaging!

Care: Safety razors perform the best when they aren’t left to sit in water in between uses. After using, place in a dry area where it isn’t in a direct source of water. This will also prevent the blades from dulling quicker. Every once in a while you can gently clean the razor with a tooth brush or scrub brush to remove any stuck on soap or shaving foam. 

Materials: Made from 100% stainless steel to ensure it lasts a lifetime. 60% of the stainless steel is made from post-consumer recycled materials. 

Packaging: Packaged in a recycled craft box. 

End of Life: Safety razors are made to last lifetimes. With proper care, you shouldn’t find the need to dispose or recycle it. If you want to recycle your used razor blades, place the blades in an evenlope and then put that envelope in a bubble mailer to ensure it will travel safely through the mail. The box packaging is recyclable or compostable. Zero Waste Club also offers a lifetime guarantee on their safety razors!

Made Ethically and Sustainably 


Recycling Blades: Until you can dispose of your blades, keep them in a blade bank. Simply keep razors in containers like prescription bottles, which are strong enough to hold the razors without danger.

Send your blades back to us in an envelope *inside* another padded envelope (please write "blade recycling program" on your envelope). This is a great way to reuse a plastic bubble envelope you may have regrettably acquired ;)

Send Blades To:

The Good Fill
1106 Woodland St, Suite 2
Nashville, TN 37206

Curious about Traveling?

Checked bags are ok but if you are only carrying-on your luggage, we suggest keeping an old razor around for those times. If you’ve already tossed your old razors, we recommend purchasing a Preserve Razor made from recycled plastic. As long as you keep it dry, it should last you years as your travel razor. 

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