EyeLine Pencil | Elate

$10.50 $21

Why we love it: Express your own unique beauty with this vegan, cruelty-free and low-waste eyeliner. Aligned with Elate's sustainability mandate, the Elate EyeLine Pencil is made with low environmental emissions and COSMO CERT ingredients for a positive impact on the planet – with YOU in mind. The smooth application and long-wearing hold allows you to effortlessly apply onto your eyelids, brows, or wherever your creativity guides you. Can also be used to fill in brows! 


Eyeliner - Start at the outer corner of the eye and apply short dashes as you draw a line along the lash line.

Use the angle of Elate’s Bamboo Brow Brush or fingertip to smudge, if desired.

Brows - Using hair-like flicks, use Elate’s Bamboo Brow Brush to fill in the brows to create your desired brow shape.

Packaging: The lid is corn-derived to reduce plastic usage in the making of this product and lower environmental emissions. The wood is California cedarwood and is PEFC certified which guarantees sustainable forest management. The labeling on the pencil is water-based paint, however the coloured end-cap is made of Urethane Acrylate and nitrocellulose and is not biodegradable. You can separate the piece on the end to dispose of and compost the rest. Bring in store and we can separate, compost and recycle as well. 

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