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Why We Love It: The Good Flower Farm's fave aluminum & baking soda free natural deodorant not only works, but you can rest assured that it is good for you and the planet. Our unique compostable tubes deliver product in a convenient way without the inconvenience of plastic.

Deodorant can be one of the most prevalent ways we introduce toxins (like aluminum) into our bodies, as our armpits are very porous. This natural deodorant is made without any of the yuck and instead contains naturally deodorizing arrowroot powder, magnesium hydroxide, and essential oils to make you feel - and smell - fresh and fantastic.

A note on natural deodorant: This is a natural deodorant; not an antiperspirant. This may take some getting used to if you are transitioning from commercial varieties, but, despite what we are told, we are supposed to sweat. It is a healthy, cleansing, critical function. This deodorant works wonders at deodorizing when you do experience this natural bodily process.

Because our deodorants are baking-soda free, they are generally great for sensitive skin. If you've ever tried a natural deodorant before and experienced a rash or irritation, we recommend trying ours, as this is often caused by baking soda prevalent in natural deodorants.

During warmer months (typically June-September), this product may warm in transit. This means it may come a bit softer when it arrives to you, and there is potential for some oil marks on the packaging due to slight melting. It should not warm enough to melt or harm the product itself. We advise sticking your product in the fridge for about 10 minutes upon arrival to help it reach its intended consistency. 

Use: Gently push up on tube to access desired amount of deodorant. Swipe onto under arms, massaging deodorant in with fingers as necessary to ensure full absorption.


Lavender Tea Tree: *Coconut oil, *arrowroot powder, magnesium hydroxide, beeswax, *jojoba oil, *lavender essential oil, *tea tree essential oil, vitamin E oil

Pine Cedarwood: *Coconut oil, *arrowroot powder, magnesium hydroxide, beeswax, *jojoba oil, *pine essential oil, *cedar wood essential oil, vitamin E oil

Charcoal Citrus: *Coconut oil, *arrowroot powder, magnesium hydroxide, beeswax, *jojoba oil, activated charcoal, *grapefruit essential oil, *lemon essential oil, vitamin E oil

*organic ingredient

Packaging: Comes in a 2.75 oz eco-friendly biodegradable paperboard tube.

End of Life:¬†We recommend¬†composting¬†in a facility. The tubes have a PLA lining to reduce oil leaking. Composting in a facility will ensure the PLA gets broken down efficiently. Only backyard compost if you can ensure your compost pile reaches 140¬ļ.

Made Locally in Joelton, TN

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