6.5 oz Beeswax Citronella Candle - Concrete Jar

$15.84 $19.80

Why We Love It: All-natural, and free of paraffin and other toxins while repelling bugs. These candles burn clean and soot free, with a steady flame. Burns 25 hours. 

Use: RECOMMENDED FOR OUTDOOR USE ONLY. For best results burn for at least 2 hours per lighting and keep on a heat resistant surface. Keep wick trimmed to 1/4 inches Never burn on or near anything that can catch fire. Never leave burning candle unattended and allow at least 10 minutes to cool before touching. 


Active: Lavender E.O. 1.25%, Citronella E.O. 0.63%, Cedarwood E.O. 0.62%

Inactive: Beeswax 48.75%, Soy Wax 48.75%

Packaging: Concrete Jar 

End of Life: Once burned down, whatever is left of the wick should be disposed of in trash (we wish it wasn't so). 

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