Double Edged Safety Razor
Double Edged Safety Razor
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Double Edged Safety Razor

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Did you know that every year, billions of razors are thrown into landfills?

Thinking about ditching plastic razors? This is the razor for you! Making the switch to reusable razors isn't as scary as you'd think. When the handle is held close to the skin, the guard protects you from getting cut. No need to press hard against the skin, just lightly glide over the skin for a crazy smooth shave! Comes with 5 blades! 


Stainless steel and bamboo body and 5 razor blades (enough to last about 1 year!)


Should last forever. When finished shaving, run blade through water to clear out all hair so that the blade and safety razor can properly dry between shaves. This will ensure a long, rust-free life for your razor.


Hemp carrying bag

Environment & Health

Made in China (too difficult to make stainless steel products elsewhere, annoying, we know!) Recycle through metal recycling or pass down to someone who needs one!

Why we love the company: The owner of the company wanted to provide a super high quality razor at the lowest cost possible. His goal: to make it cost effective to shave the ocean from plastic, even if it doesn't make him rich. 

 Curious about Traveling?

Checked bags are ok but if you are only carrying-on your luggage, we suggest keeping an old razor around for those times. If you’ve already tossed your old razors, purchase a Preserve razor made from recycled plastic. As long as you keep it dry it should last you years as your travel razor.