Essential Mascara


Why we love it: A truly universal mascara that adds length and volume for every beauty style. One light coat is great for a natural eye-opening look or go bold with multiple layers- this mascara transitions effortlessly. Feel the lash-hugging wand glide through each lash to avoid clumping. We especially love this formula as it is water and sweat resistant.

Use: Start at the base of your lashes and swipe through with the mascara brush. Go from one eye to the other, building your desired volume.

Packaging: Package-free

End of Life: Your Essential Mascara will come in a glass tube with a plastic inner top and brush encased in a longer bamboo cap. The bamboo can be removed and composted. The sand-blasted, glass tube is infinitely recyclable and can be recycled at home or with us. The plastic brush can be cleaned and reused at home or recycled with us, Elate, or TerraCycle. Please bring in-store or mail back to us with your refill return envelope and we'll properly recycle the components.

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