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Stain Remover Stick

Why We Love It: This solid stain remover can be used to pre-treat stains on the go or in the home. It is effective of stains of grease, blood, grass, make-up, coffee, food and more. The stick is 1.5 oz and replaces 1-3 bottles of traditional stain remover spray. 

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Use & Care

Wet the stained area with water. Hold the bar between your fingers and rub the stick directly onto the stain. Launder as tag instructs.

For non-machinable items (pillows, drapes, rugs, pet beds, etc), use a bucket of water and a rag/sponge to remove the applied bar by dabbing the area with water and using a towel to soak up the excess moisture. Let air dry before covering.

Keep dry between uses.


Coconut Oil, Water, Saponified Sodium Hydroxide, Lemon Juice, Borax

End of Life

Compostable and recyclable paperboard box. Recycle or compost paperboard box. Use stick to completion.

zero waste stain remover stick
Stain Remover Stick Sale price$9.00

Customer Reviews

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Paris White

I wasn't sure about using this at first, but it is so simple and easy and it really really works! Not only does it do the job, but I think this one little stick might last me a lifetime