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Floral Shampoo & Conditioner Bars

Why We Love It: Easy to use and lathers just like liquid shampoo! This is not a soap bar pretending to be shampoo. Cleans and softens hair without harsh chemicals or plastic packaging.

  • Up to 70 washes per bar!
  • Safe for color treated hair.
  • No SLS, silicone, parabens, or phthalates.
  • No palm oil.
  • No packaging.
  • Non toxic.
  • Plant based ingredients.
  • Vegan and cruelty free.


Sale price$12.60

Use & Care

Use: Wet hair, gently massage the bar over the top, sides, and back of the scalp, then through the ends of your hair.

Place on one of our shampoo & conditioner bar loofahs, or caddy to dry.

Due to this shampoo bar's gentle ability to cleanse hair, you may notice that your hair will feel different after the first or second wash. There can be an adjustment period after one or two washes when switching to natural shampoo but we've found it to be worth the wait!


emulsifier blend (cetearyl alcohol, BMS *derived from rapeseed oil), cocoa butter, cetyl alcohol, coconut oil gycerine, olive oil, wheat germ oil, jojoba oil, blend of lavender, cedar wood, orange and ylang ylang essential oils.

End of Life

Package free.

one round Lavender Cedar shampoo bar and one round Lavender Cedar conditioner bar on a white background. The bars are a light pink color and are zero waste and package free.
Floral Shampoo & Conditioner Bars Sale price$12.60

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Great shampoo

Easy to use, nice texture and smell (not overwhelming), and leaves my hair feeling great

No weird film!

This shampoo and conditioner is amazing I have tried all different kinds of shampoo and conditioner bars and they usually left a weird film on my hair or didn’t clean well enough and my hair still felt greasy and unclean. However, this duo has done amazing job I live in a very dry high elevation area and they do a wonderful job of moisturizing my scalp and leaving my hair feeling clean!

game changer

These are amazing! I was skeptical because I have THICK hair. I didn’t think it would be able to really clean, and definitely didn’t think it could moisturize. The conditioner bar is a little harder to use but still works great! My hair is softer than ever!

Shampoo Bar - Soft and Gentle

I've been using this shampoo bar for 4 months and love it. It lathers really nicely into a soft foam and is gentle on my hair, which is fine and curly, so it can dry out easily. And it lasts: After 4 months the bar still hardly looks used; for reference, I have shoulder length hair and wash 1-2 times per week. Great product!

Nita Schriver
Shampoo bar

Wow, my first time using a shampoo bar and it was awesome! Rich lather, rinsed easily and left my hair soft even without conditioner.