Baby Feeding Spoons


Why We Love It: Made from USDA certified organic bamboo, these baby feeding spoons are a healthy alternative to plastic. Perfect for parents looking for an all-natural alternative. These spoons were designed with both babies and parents in mind. The handle is long enough for parents’ hands and the spoon end is made small enough for your child’s mouth.

Use: Always use under the supervision of an adult. We suggest using them with children 6 months and older. 

Materials: USDA certified organic bamboo made without glue or lacquers and finished with a USDA organic oil made from flax seed.

Care: Hand wash with warm, soapy water and rise throughly. Not recommended for dishwasher, microwave, or prolonged soak. 

Packaging: Sold as a set of two spoons measuring 6.5 inches. Packaged in FSC certified paper, which is recyclable or compostable.

End of Life: Compostable.

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