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4 oz Aluminum Pump Bottle

Why We Love it: Great for making your own products for kitchen, bath, or body! Aluminum is infinitely recyclable and a great alternative to plastic in the shower.

Sale price$4.00

Use & Care

Keep pump free of debris and this will last you many years. Designed for cosmetic use only nor suggested for cleaning supplies or any ingredients including alcohol.


Aluminum with plastic pump (we know, we wish it wasn't so!).

End of Life

All bottles come wrapped in 100% Recycled Newsprint Paper made entirely from post-consumer & post-industrial content. Can be recycled or naturally biodegrade.

Pure aluminum is infinitely recyclable. Check with your local recycling service to see if they recycle spray tops (sometimes they will if there is not a spring or the spring is removed).

4 oz Aluminum Pump Bottle - The Good Fill
4 oz Aluminum Pump Bottle Sale price$4.00