Organic Reusable Pads - Various Sizes

$25 $40

Why We Love It: Reusable Pads are an amazing option for someone looking to get away from the synthetic disposable pads. Not only are they beneficial to the environment but they are also better for you! Reusable cloth pads are more breathable therefore preventing any skin irritation or rashes that disposable pads can cause. Over time, you can actually SAVE money by investing in products like reusable pads or menstrual cups

Use: These reusable pads feature a snap on the wings to hold it in place around your underwear. Change your pad every 2-6 hours or as needed. 

Care: Reusable pads are designed to last years with proper care. After use, remove any inserts from the holder. Soaking the pads and inserts in cold water before washing will help prevent any staining. Machine wash cold and either line dry or tumble dry low. Wash with a natural detergent (like ours!) that doesn't contain any fabric softeners as this, over time, can inhibit absorption. The box comes with a small instructions pamphlet which outlines proper care as well!

Packaging: Packaged in a recyclable box. 

End of Life: Being that the pads are made completely out of organic cotton, they are compostable once the metal snap is removed. 

Materials: 100% organic cotton cloth and thread


Size Specifications:

Day Pad- For Moderate Flow. Comes with two removable inserts to chose your level of absorption. Comparable in size to a standard maxi pad. Length measures 9 1/2".

Day Pad Plus- For Moderate Flow. Has all the same features as the Day Pad, but with added length for extended coverage. Length measures 10 3/4".

Pantyliner- For Lighter Flow. Comparable in size to a small disposable pantyliner. Length measures 6 3/4".

Pantyliner Plus- For Lighter Flow. Features added length and wider wings for more coverage. Length measure 8 1/2".

Night Pad- For Heavy Flow. Comes with two removable inserts to give you extra absorbency. Length measures 14 1/2".

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