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Leakproof Biobased Doggie Bags - Pk of 120

Why We Love It: Be a courteous neighbor while picking up after your pet with these bio-based poo bags. Most pet waste cannot be composted, so these are a great alternative to 100% virgin, petroleum-based plastic and are much stronger than compostable bags. This pack contains 120 bags (8 rolls - 15 bags per roll). These are completely leakproof and measure 13"x9". We love that these bags reduce the demand for virgin plastic.

Sale price$7.00

Use & Care

Be a courteous neighbor while picking up after your pet with these biobased poo bags.


These bags are made from 38% Biobased materials and are USDA certified biobased.

End of Life

Comes in a 100% recycled Kraft box, which is 100% recyclable.

These bags, and the waste inside should be sent to landfill.

dog poop bags
Leakproof Biobased Doggie Bags - Pk of 120 Sale price$7.00