Stainless Steel Collapsible Straw with Travel Case


Why We Love It: These reusable straws are an amazing alternative to disposable plastic straws. The come with a key ring attachment on the case making them truly portable in any situation. Throw one in your purse or attach to a key ring so it’s always available to you without worrying if it gets dirty. Zero Waste Club also plants a tree for every product purchased, just register the code under the barcode of your packaging!

Care: Rinse under warm water. Use a straw cleaner if necessary. With proper care, reusable straws are made to last many, many years. 

Materials: Made completely out of FDA approved stainless steel, 60% of the stainless steel is a post-consumer recycled material. 

Packaging: This product is packaged in a recycled kraft paper box. 

End of Life: Everything including the box, straw and case are all 100% recyclable. The box is also compostable. 

Made Ethically and Sustainably

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