Biodegradable Hair Ties - Black


Why We Love It: Hundreds of millions of long-haired people around the world use hair ties, and almost all of them are made out of materials that do not biodegrade and are harmful to our environment.

Think about how many hair ties you’ve lost, or have thrown out. Where do they all go? Usually, they’re left on the ground outside somewhere, or they end up in landfills, where they pollute our environment. Most hair ties are made of synthetic rubber and polyester, which either don’t decompose at all or take thousands of years to do so.

Terra Ties are made of two renewable, 100% biodegradable resources: natural rubber and organic cotton (dyed with natural dyes).

Not only are Terra Ties more environmentally friendly than standard hair ties, but they’re also thicker, more durable, and softer.

There are 27 in a plastic-free pack.

Care: Keep dry and close by! But if you lose these, don't worry, they won't harm the environment like synthetic hair ties.

Materials: 100% rubber, 100% cotton.

Packaging: Cardboard.

End of Life: Industrially compostable.

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