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Vegan Lip Butter

Why We Love It: It’s called a lip butter instead of a lip balm because it will last on your lips twice as long! The candelilla base works as a great alternative to typical beeswax, and makes it vegan.



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Use & Care

Apply to your lips as needed.


candelilla wax, cocoa butter*, coconut oil*, sweet almond oil, avocado oil, lavender & bergamot essential oil, stevia leaf*.


End of Life

Biodegradable and zero-waste paperboard tube.

We recommend composting in a facility. The tubes have a PLA lining to reduce oil leaking. Composting in a facility will ensure the PLA gets broken down efficiently. Only backyard compost if you can ensure your compost pile reaches 140º.

vegan lip butter- the good fill
Vegan Lip Butter Sale price$9.88

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Paris White

I had tried chapstick before in a paper tube, but it was a mess. This packaging is strong and holds up! It does really apply like butter and smells divine. I'll never go back to plastic chapstick.

Love the scent and packaging!

I was looking for a better option for chapstick and this is it. It is a different texture than other chapsticks I’ve used before but works wonderfully for making my lips soft and smooth. The scent is light but smells great! Love that the packaging is eco friendly!

My New Go To

I have been using this lip balm for about 2 years and I never want to switch to anything else! It is so hydrating without making your lips feels slippery (if that makes sense) and you don’t have to use a lot. Plus, it’s vegan and in a compostable tube! What more could you want?!

Boys like it, too

Gave this lip butter to my bro for Christmas because he's always walking around with big ole chapped lips. Several months later he told me about this lip balm that he really liked and that I should buy some... completely forgetting that I had bought him the dang lip butter in the first place. Typical.

Smooth + Sweet Scent

I was interested in trying this balm due to the packaging and the scent of earl grey. I've been using it for a couple of months now and both my husband and I have never found a balm until this one that treats chapped lips so quickly! I'm happy with the texture, London fog-like scent, and how well it works.