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Sweet Almond Oil & Refills

Why We Love it: Our sweet almond oil is 100% pure, non-GMO, cold-pressed, and is grown and processed in California. It has a high level of natural vitamin e, a natural anti-oxidant, and it is highly moisturizing. Applying oils and butters containing high levels of vitamin E before going out into the sun can help prevent sunburns and sun damage. Almond oil is known to help heal superficial skin burns, boost collagen production, and keep skin hydrated and supple.

Pre-Filled Container or Refill:

Pre-Filled Container or Refill

Sale price$7.30

In-Store Refill Price: 80¢ per oz.

Use & Care

• Carrier Oil: Sweet almond oil is one of the most popular carrier oils used in skin care. To dilute essential oils, add up to 2% of E.O.'s to almond oil or 4-8 drops of essential oils per 1 tablespoon of carrier oil.

• Makeup Remover: Apply a few drops to the face. Massage in circles for 30 seconds. Use a warm, wet washcloth or facial round to wipe away makeup and debris.

• Moisturizer for Skin: Apply to face and body immediately after cleansing or mix with lotion for added moisture and skin protection.

• Hair: Almond oil is the lightest oil we carry which makes it great as a hair oil for split ends and frizz. Rub a small amount in between your palms before applying through mid-shaft and ends.


100% Sweet Almond Oil, Vitamin E.

End of Life

Glass dropper bottle or BPA-free, returnable refill pouch.

Refills come in a BPA-free pouch made with 93% less plastic than a plastic bottle. All refill pouches should be returned to us in the envelope you receive with your order that includes pre-paid postage. Simply empty the pouch contents into your own container, quick rinse to remove excess product, then place the empty pouch back in the mail for us to reuse or recycle through TerraCycle.

refillable sweet almond oil in a refillable 4oz. amber glass bottle - The Good Fill
Sweet Almond Oil & Refills Sale price$7.30

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
one of my favorite oils

i love this oil m, it’s so diverse and can be used for many areas. it works wonders on my ketlaris pilaris on my arms, as a moisturizer for my sensitive areas, softens your hair, and even works. as a natural cuticle oil for my nails. the amber glass dropper bottle is also a plus!


I received apricot oil instead of almond oil.


My favorite moisturizer. After a shower/bath, using this as moisturizer makes me feel like I just had a spa day! I love it how it doesn’t really have a smell, but it gives a nice glow too.

Extremely Light!

This works wonders on dry skin! My toddler and I have extremely sensitive and dry skin and it is what we use daily for moisturized skin! It’s not heavy feeling at all and soaks into the skin quickly!

Rachel Lane
Love it!!! Use it daily

This is my daily facial oil that I put on under my makeup or tinted sunscreen. At night I use it to moisturize after my retinol serum. My skin looks great and it doesn’t cause any breakouts.